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It’s pride month and the rainbows are out again. 🌈

Lots of brands switch their profile picture or their logo with a colourful rainbow flag for the whole month, and I keep asking myself: is one month a year enough to support human rights? Is it true allyship with the…

I wrote 31 articles in 31 days. A creative sprint that changed my relationship with sharing and learning, for the better.

Photo by Dan Counsell on Unsplash

I decided to publish all these posts here on Medium, following some simple rules I set for myself when creating them:

  • All articles need to be short;
  • They need…

There are infinite techniques and frameworks for achieving great sketches, but you shouldn’t focus on the quality of sketches, but their purpose.

Sometimes—at work—we face complex challenges.

If you work in a creative branch (industrial design, user experience design, communication, advertisting, architecture), you might deal with briefs and tasks such as behaviour-change campaigns or embedding products that address global challenges.

Photo by Startaê Team on Unsplash

No matter how specific the brief is, no matter how helpful and…

A few years ago I held a presentation about the joy and the struggles of learning new languages as an adult.

The presentation was part of an amazing event series called ‘Jabb’ (= Norwegian slang for ‘chat’), inspired by the Portuguese format Conversas.

‘Lær deg et nytt språk, bitch’ or…

I recently joined a breakfast seminar about visual facilitation. It totally revolutionised the way I take notes in meetings.

Photo: VisFas

When we hear the word “facilitation” we often think about running events or workshop with other participants. We facilitate for others.

“To facilitate” comes from Italian (and Latin) “facilitare” and it…

Strangely enough, the most heated discussions I found myself having with my coworkers have been all about typography principles.

It may seem as such an insignificant detail to disagree about, but the power and effect of good typography is often overlooked.

There’s one specific canon of typography that I like…

It’s been 25 days since I started writing daily.

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

It pulled me out of my comfort zone and showed me how writing and sharing knowledge is challenging, but also how rewarding the process can be.


There were a few concrete barriers I had to deal with:

  1. I’m not a writer;

While sustainability aims to slow down degeneration and manage the damage we have done, regenerative systems look to put back what’s been taken and reverse the trend of increasing global temperatures⁣.

In agriculture, regenerative systems are not only self-sufficient, but nurturing for the soil and living creatures around it, while…

Names and definitions should carry immediate meaning, should be informative and universal. The term ‘Design thinking’ is neither of these.

If you’ve never heard of design thinking, it wouldn’t be easy for you to guess what it is.

Design thinking is:


Creative Director at Headspin.

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